A Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD as Part of the Battle Against Injustice

by | May 29, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Having to wait in jail for trial is difficult and can be demeaning. The person feels like a criminal even though he or she has not been convicted of a crime. There is no way to go to work, and losing the job is a distinct possibility. A Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD provides service to defendants who can be released on bail but cannot afford the amount set by the court.

The Cost to Society

People can be shocked when they hear statistics about how many men and women are held in jail because they cannot afford cash bail. Not only are the numbers very large, the cost to taxpayers is enormous. About $140 billion is spent annually to hold defendants in municipal and county jails. These individuals have not been convicted of the crime with which they have been charged. Some of them are guilty, but some are innocent.

Time Served

Even guilty men and women sometimes serve more time in jail than they would serve if convicted. There also are cases in which someone has served time for many weeks and has then been released when a judge dismisses the case. A Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD can prevent this. Unfortunately, not all states have bail bond agencies.

Applying for a Bond

Because it’s very hard for someone in jail to apply for a bail bond, that person usually has a close friend or family member do this as a huge favor. These individuals are anxious to see their loved one released, so they want to do whatever they can to help. They might begin by looking up options online and then contacting a business like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency for further information.

Balancing the Scales

The bail system is viewed by many as discriminatory against low-income and poor U.S. residents. They cannot afford even small amounts of cash bail, while people who have more money can quickly make the payment and regain their freedom. A bail bond agency balances the scales to a certain extent. Anyone who needs help may Schedule an appointment as soon as they are ready.