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A Child Custody Lawyer in Athens TN Helps When Parents Want to Change the Existing Agreement

Although the idea of divorced parents being able to spend an equal amount of time with the children sounds good in theory, it usually is not achieved in reality. It often is not the best situation for the youngsters and, sometimes, the distance between residences makes it impossible. A Child Custody Lawyer in Athens TN provides representation when parents want to petition the court for a modification to the existing custody agreement.

A More Recent Viewpoint

The concept of equally shared custody is familiar now, but that type of arrangement did not become common until the 1990s. Before that time, parents and court judges tended to agree that youngsters would benefit from the stability of living in one residence. The custodial parent, usually the mother, was encouraged to allow liberal visitation with the other parent.

Parenting Plans

The trend now is shifting from custodial agreements to parenting plans that are crafted by both parents and documented with the court. Equal time parenting might be possible if the homes are relatively close and the kids don’t have to be driven a long way to school part of the time. If the parents are already divorced but would like to set up an agreement like this, a Child Custody Lawyer in Athens TN can assist.

Considering What Is Best for the Children

Parents often say they want what is best for the children but don’t live up to that statement. The problem with trying to share custody from a relatively long distance is that the kids will eventually become disgruntled about having to spend every Friday evening through Sunday night away from one home. They want to spend time with their friends and be involved in various activities in their hometown.

Ideally, the divorced parents would be civil even if not quite friendly. They would continue living in the same town or at least within a short driving distance until the youngsters are grown. They would acknowledge whether one parent’s lifestyle is better suited to having the children reside in that home most of the time. A law firm such as Chancey-Kanavos can help. Click here for details on this particular organization.


Common Reasons for Needing a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer Norwich, CT

According to the latest figures, more than a million people are injured in slip-and-fall accidents each year across the United States. Though these injuries vary in severity, an estimated 17,000 of these incidents result in fatalities. Accidents like these happen for a number of reasons, each of which can essentially be chalked up to negligence somewhere along the line. A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer Norwich CT can help determine just who is at fault for these accidents and to what extent.

Faulty Ramps and Staircases

Damaged or improperly maintained structural elements are often the culprits in instances where a slip and fall occurs on a staircase or ramp. Loose or damaged handrails are responsible in such cases as well. While falling up or down the stairs can lead to significant injuries, those sustained when falling over the handrail are typically much more severe and require a great deal more medical care.

Slippery Floors or Sidewalks

Rain and mud can easily be tracked into any home or business, and both tend to be slippery and dangerous. Ice accumulation on sidewalks is equally hazardous if not more so. In public places, potentially dangerous areas should be clearly marked with signs. When it comes to private properties, the property owner is responsible for keeping walkways and other areas safe for visitors.

Uneven Surfaces

This type of cause takes on many forms, some of the most common being raised or sunken sections of sidewalks, broken or mission floor tiles or boards, torn or loose carpeting,¬†and potholes. Each of these can easily be hazardous particularly in areas with inadequate lighting. Also keep in mind that these issues may lead to two distinct types of accidents: slip and fall or trip and fall. Though they’re similar in nature, different regulations apply, and a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer Norwich CT will need to approach each from a different perspective.

Attorneys like Stephen M. Reck see numerous slip and fall cases each year. Each case is unique with different types and extents of injuries and must be addressed accordingly. Visit website to learn more about cases like these and to ask for help if you’ve been a victim of someone else’s negligence.


Discussing Estate Planning With A Wills Lawyer in Redlands, CA

In California, a will gives an estate owner a way to distribute their wealth to their family on their own terms. The document explains all assignments and explains the estate owner’s final wishes. Some assignments outline ways to prevent others from taking advantage of an heir according to their age. A Wills Lawyer in Redlands CA explains how to create a will.

Choosing Family Members for Assets

When creating a will, the estate owner must choose a family member to inherit each of their assets. The assignments are iron-clad, and the estate owner won’t have to worry about unauthorized changes in new ownership.

Adding Stipulations for Asset Assignments

Stipulations are an effective way to prevent heirs from fighting over the assets and going to court with disputes. For example, the stipulations could impose reassignments if an heir starts a dispute. The inclusions could prevent adults from seizing assets owned by minors at the time of the estate owner’s death. The options are there to prevent common problems that arise in families.

Choosing a Guardian for Children

A legal guardian is selected for any minor children the estate owner has at the time of their death. The preferred parenting plan for the child is determined by the estate owner. Stipulations could apply to prevent the new guardian from using the minor’s inheritance unlawfully or unethically. Some precautions are followed just in case the legal guardian isn’t able to take care of the child.

Other Methods of Protecting Assets

Irrevocable trusts and trust funds are beneficial ways to protect the assets and distribute wealth to family members. The irrevocable trust is a way to separate assets from the estate and protect them from probate. Trust funds are a beneficial way to give family members money directly.

In California, a will offers an explanation for why the estate owner made their choices. It outlines all new ownership assignments and presents a new guardian for minor children. Some estate owners use their will to explain their funeral arrangements. Estate owners who want to learn more about the opportunities contact a Wills Lawyer in Redlands CA through Betty Auton-Beck Professional Law Corporation right now.

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An Auto Accident Lawyer in Granite City, IL May Be Able to File Suit Under the Illinois Liquor Control Act

An auto accident lawyer in Granite City, IL generally is paid on a contingency basis. This means the client only pays fees if the attorney is successful at negotiating a better settlement or resolving the case in court in the person’s favor. Not until the compensation is paid does the client owe any legal fees.

Low Automotive Liability Coverage

Sometimes an individual has trouble collecting a reasonable amount of compensation because the at-fault driver’s maximum automotive insurance liability is too low to pay all the expenses. Depending on the situation, an auto accident lawyer in Granite City, IL may be able to find other sources of compensation.

For example, a drunk driver who seriously injured someone may have only carried the minimum liability insurance required by the state. For bodily injury, this required minimum is only $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Someone with this low amount of coverage probably does not have any assets to speak of, since people typically choose higher coverage as protection against a potential lawsuit.

The Liquor Control Act

If this person had been drinking in a bar or restaurant before getting behind the wheel, the lawyer might want to investigate that situation. Under the Illinois law known as the Liquor Control Act, commercial vendors can be held liable if an intoxicated customer continued to be provided alcohol and then caused a car crash. This law is also called the Dram Shop Act, an older term for this type of regulation. The law has been in effect since 1934; many other states have similar laws.

If this turns out to be the scenario that led to the drunk driving incident, a lawyer with a firm such as Becker, Schroader & Chapman, PC now may be able to file a lawsuit against the establishment that served the alcohol to the at-fault driver. The lawyer will want to be certain this case can be won before taking the initial steps in filing suit. Talking with witnesses at the bar or restaurant and doing other sorts of the investigation will be necessary. Anyone interested in a consultation with this particular firm may browse the website for contact details.

Bail Bonds,

Take Time to Learn About Bail Bonding Services in Keller, TX Before an Arrest

Those who believe they are under investigation for a crime may want to start looking into the Bail Bonding Services in Keller TX ahead of time. It’s possible to be prepared so they can be bailed out of jail as quickly as possible if they are arrested even if they don’t know the exact charges or bail amount yet. Before they are arrested, they can get more information by speaking with a bail bondsman.

Learn About the Terms of a Bail Bond

Those who are released from jail with a bail bond must follow the terms of their bail as well as the terms for the bond. Common terms include that they cannot be arrested again while out on bond and that they must attend all of their hearings. Someone who suspects they may be arrested should go ahead and learn more about the terms of the bond so they know what to expect once they’re released.

Learn About the Deposit Needed

A deposit or collateral is required for someone to obtain a bail bond. When someone is preparing for a possible arrest, they have some time to find collateral to use or to start locating the money needed to cover the deposit. It’s a good idea to find out what the deposit might be, even if the bail amount is not yet known, so the money can be collected ahead of time and will be ready if needed.

Make Preparations With Family Members

A family member or friend will likely need to obtain the bond, so it’s a good idea to let them know more about the process and to make sure they have everything needed in case the person is arrested. The trusted friend should know how to access the money saved for the deposit or how to use collateral to secure the bond as well as which bondsman to speak with.

If you believe you’re under investigation for a crime, go ahead and start looking into the Bail Bonding Services in Keller TX today so you can make sure everything is prepared. This will help ensure a Quick Jail Release if you are arrested. Visit the website for a bail bondsman to get more information on how they can help before an arrest and what you can do to be ready.