Filing for a Product Liability Case with an Accident Attorney in Annapolis

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Lawyers

In Maryland, a product liability occurs when a manufacturer releases a dangerous product to the public resulting in injuries. The manufacturer is liable for all injuries that their product causes. Filing for a product liability with an accident attorney in Annapolis requires the victim to provide substantial evidence of their injuries.

Should the Consumer Report the Product?

If the victim sustained a minor injury, then they don’t have to report the product. However, if the victim sustained a serious or permanent injury, then reporting the product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency is vital. The agency conducts an investigation and might issue a recall.

Reviewing Potential Class-Action Lawsuits

When a multitude of consumers is injured by one specific product, a class-action lawsuit is a possibility. In this type of cases, litigants are placed into groups and appear before a judge together. The opportunities are effective in increasing the settlement offer if the claimants win their cases. Under the circumstances, attorneys issue a notice to the public about the lawsuit to attract more litigants who need legal assistance for injuries.

Product Recall Possibilities

If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a product recall, then it is publicly announced on television, print ads, and on social media. The agency provides instructions for the public about what to do if they are injured. The manufacturer is required to issue refunds or repair the product under certain circumstances.

What Could Happen with the Lawsuit

In individual lawsuits, the manufacturer pays a lump sum payment to the claimant if they win their case. Typically, the awards include economic damages for financial losses, including lost wages, medical expenses, and any additional monetary losses. In severe cases, the court might award substantial damages for permanent injuries or disabilities.

In Maryland, a product liability results from a flaw in a design or during the assembly process. Any dangerous products must have a warning label that explains the exact risk and what to do if an accident happens. Manufacturers are liable if they fail to warn the public if the dangers. Victims of a product liability can contact an accident attorney in Annapolis through the Jaklitsch Law Group right now.