Is It Smart For You To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney in Charleston SC?

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Lawyers

Individuals have to understand that not ever claim needs a Personal injury attorney in Charleston SC. What if a person is involved in an automobile accident that wasn’t their fault? If a person is dealing with injuries that aren’t really major, they might be able to handle the case without an attorney’s help. An insurance representative for the driver who caused the accident will contact the injured party to collect important information. After that information is collected, the company will usually make an offer, so the situation doesn’t end up in the courtroom.

The only problem with the above scenario is that without a Personal injury attorney in Charleston SC a person might receive a settlement offer that is not really fair for the situation. If the offer covers all medical expenses and damages to the injured party’s vehicle, a person might be fine with it. But what if there are future medical expenses that aren’t being covered? That’s when a person better gets on the phone and contact a lawyer. Injured people can talk things over with their doctors to see if they might need future medical treatment. If they do, they better make sure that they know how much it costs and how much of it they need. That’s something lawyers can help with.

People who suffer relatively minor injuries and/or damages shouldn’t think that they can hire lawyers to help them hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, some people try to fake more serious injuries and/or damages in hopes of getting bigger payouts. If a lawyer finds out a person is trying to use them to play the system, the individual will be quickly dropped as a client and can be on the hook for legal expenses. Lawyers will be honest about what they think certain claims are actually worth to potential clients. That can help a person decide if it’s worth getting lawyers involved. Some lawyers actually offer great advice in their free consultations that can help people with minor injuries and/or damages navigate the claims process without them.

Injured parties can visit Phipps Law Firm or other legal websites to start looking for answers to their questions. Bouncing a potential injury case off a few lawyers is great because it allows people to hear different opinions.