SSDI Advocates in Temecula, CA Can Help People with a Variety of Disability Payment Issues

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Disabilities Law Services

There are two types of government-sponsored disability payments available. Supplemental Security Income is provided to qualified applicants who have not worked long enough to qualify for the other program: Social Security Disability Insurance. Being approved for disability benefits is difficult, with a high percentage of applications being denied. SSDI advocates in Temecula, CA, who are typically attorneys with extensive knowledge about the subject, represent clients during the appeals process.

Qualified Applicants Deserve the Payments

Some people hesitate to appeal because they assume they do not deserve these benefits. They may already have been feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable about accepting government benefits for people who are not working.

SSDI advocates in Temecula, CA want to impress upon applicants that they deserve these payments as long as they meet the qualifications. They have been paying into the system through their income taxes since they first began working. Much of the time, the agency denies claims because the applicant simply made mistakes on the complicated forms or did not provide enough verification of disability by medical practitioners.

Income Limit Considerations

Limits on income apply when people start receiving SSDI. The Social Security Administration needs to make sure the recipient is truly disabled and not malingering. If this person gets well enough again to earn a specific amount of money each month, then going back to full-time work should be considered instead of continuing to collect benefits.

Suspicion of Fraud

If the agency decides this person could have returned to work some months ago but has continued to collect disability payments, benefits will be ended until the situation is resolved. This may happen if someone reports the recipient, believing that fraudulent activity is occurring.

When evidence of fraud is found, the recipient is in serious legal trouble. In the worst-case scenario, the individual is found guilty of a felony and can be sentenced to prison, along with a steep fine. Before the situation escalates to this level, the person may need an attorney such as Eric R. Hunt to make sure any accusation of fraud is disproved. Afterward, payments begin again quickly, including retroactive to when they were stopped. Visit us for contact information. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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