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An Auto Accident Attorney in Macon, GA Represents Clients Injured in Collisions with Business Vehicles

Sometimes, hiring an auto accident attorney in Macon, GA becomes necessary after a person is seriously injured by the driver of a vehicle owned by a business. The company or its insurer may dispute the claim as the business owner doesn’t want their insurance rates to go up, and the insurance company may try to find reasons to blame the injured person for the collision.

Shifting Responsibility

An auto accident attorney in Macon, GA knows the types of factors these businesses and insurers look for to shift responsibility onto the other driver. They check police reports and medical records looking for relevant information. For instance, they may want to learn whether the other driver was using a cell phone when the collision occurred. Perhaps the blood tests run at the emergency room indicated the injured person had some alcohol in their blood, even if it was below the legal limit.

Since the injured person is the claimant, and also the plaintiff if a lawsuit is filed, proof must be provided to the insurer that the other driver was at fault and the expenses are as high as stated. Sometimes, this is difficult when the insurance company points out possible fault on the part of the injured person.

Two Insurers

Another situation involves a company driver who uses their own car while on the job. Many sales representatives who work on commission do this, for example. Some delivery drivers use their own vehicles. If that driver causes a collision, it may be unclear which insurance company is responsible. The personal insurance policy may not play for business-related incidents, while the business automotive policy may dispute claims involving vehicles the business doesn’t own.

A Life-Changing Experience

Suffering a serious injury in a vehicle collision is a life-changing experience. Even if the person is not left with any chronic pain, some level of disability or some scarring, the psychological trauma can continue for years. An attorney with a firm such as Edwards & Bullard may believe compensation for that emotional stress is deserved since ongoing anxiety and depression reduce the victim’s quality of life. Find more information on this organization at the website

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