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Stay out of Jail with the Help of Criminal Lawyers in New Ulm, MN

Criminal charges can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s life. High fines and jail time can be embarrassing to an individual and result in a stigma associated with their name in the community. With the help of criminal lawyers in New Ulm, MN, an individual who has been accused of a crime will receive a better outcome to their case.

Relying on a public defender for legal representation is not recommended. These individuals have a heavy caseload and are paid by the same county or state who is paying the prosecutor. Private legal representation will aggressively fight for their clients to provide them with the best possible outcome in the case.

Accepting a Plea Deal

In certain situations, a plea deal is the right thing to choose. This is based on the facts of the case and the amount of evidence against the accused. A private attorney will fight for an individual instead of immediately trying to reach a plea agreement for a client.

Another thing an attorney will do is thoroughly investigate the facts and evidence surrounding an individual’s case. The attorney will not just accept what a breathalyzer test states and will challenge the machine and the results. They will also review whether the police legally stopped an individual as part of their defense.


A DWI is more than a night of heavy drinking and a good time. Minnesota takes a DWI charge very seriously. These charges can stay with an individual for many years and affect their insurance rates, ability to drive, and other sanctions.

Criminal lawyers in New Ulm, MN will mount a defense that is tailored to an individual’s needs. Whether an individual has been charged several times in the past or this is their first charge, an attorney should be contacted for the best outcome in their case.

Drug Charges

A drug charge is serious and can cause an individual the inability to be gainfully employed. An individual should be concerned about protecting their rights and their future by contacting an experienced criminal attorney. For more information, please visit Their years of experience and tailored legal services can be discussed during a free consultation about the case.

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