Vehicle-Specific Risk Factors for Car Accidents in Hawaii

by | May 27, 2019 | Car accidents

Research and statistics show which models of cars and which designs have the most accidents. This may be connected with the behavior of drivers who tend to buy certain kinds of cars. If they are more careless than the norm or even indulge in reckless behavior, they may cause a collision. Someone who has been injured in one of these car accidents in Hawaii should expect reasonable compensation from that driver’s automotive insurance. If this person needs legal representation, details on one particular option may be viewed at

Vehicle Statistics

Oddly enough, statistics indicate that some of the pricier brands are more likely to be involved in accidents. This is not connected with any flaws in manufacturing or vehicle features. Nobody knows for sure what is going on here, and one might expect that these vehicle owners would be extra careful to protect their rides.

Expensive sports cars are represented more frequently in crash statistics than one might expect, especially since owners may not drive the vehicles often. Drivers may travel well above the speed limit and take other risks. Passenger vehicles are least likely to be in an accident include pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.


Some people speculate that certain drivers of higher-end vehicles have a bit of an arrogant attitude, leading them to act too privileged on the road. They roll through stop signs instead of stopping, they take chances at yellow lights, they ignore the right-of-way on roundabouts, and they may not even grant pedestrians the right of way. Car accidents in Hawaii can easily be caused by all of these behavior problems, and other people may be seriously injured.

Potential Consequences

With safety experts reporting that more than 90 percent of crashes being preventable, changing driver behavior and attitudes is essential. The person who causes a serious accident has received a harsh wake-up call. This driver’s insurance rates may spike or the current insurer may refuse to renew the policy. There is the risk of a lawsuit filed by an attorney with an organization such as Yoshida & Associates. Guilt over injuring other people may also be intense.

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