What Do SSI Advocates In Temecula, CA Do?

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Lawyers

In California, Supplemental Security Income is a disability program that offers financial support for disabled children and adults. The program assists individuals who have never worked before and have a disability that prevents them from working. SSI Advocates in Temecula CA offer assistance for children and adults who were denied any benefits through the program.

Evaluate the Medical Evidence

The medical evidence is used to determine if the claimant has an eligible condition. The Social Security Administration deems applicants disabled if the individual is unable to work in any industry. The condition must cause a long-term debilitative state. The medical evidence required for the cases is all medical records for the patient starting on the day they were diagnosed and ranging up to the day they file their application.

Calculate the Family’s Household Income

SSI requires the caseworker to calculate the family’s household income. The program is income-based and imposes certain restrictions for the claimants. For a minor claimant, the caseworker calculates the monthly household income of the claimant’s parents. For an adult, the caseworker reviews the income of a spouse or any party that lives with them and provides financial support.

How Long Will the Condition Last?

The preliminary requirement for disability benefits is that the condition must last at least one year. The medical evidence must show that the condition is severe. Claimants file for SSI if they have a mental or physical disability.

Is the Claim for a Child or an Adult?

If the claim is for a child, a parent acts as the trustee if the claimant receives SSI. The parent manages the financial benefits and all healthcare requirements for the child. If the claim is for an adult, the agency won’t require a trustee unless the adult has a diminished capacity.

In California, Supplemental Security Income is a disability program that helps disabled individuals. The program is income-based and requires medical evidence and income records. The parent or spouse of the disabled individual provides income statements for their household. A caseworker manages the claim and determines if the individual is eligible. Claimants who need assistance from SSI Advocates in Temecula CA are encouraged to visit us for more info now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.