Child Support Lawyers in Cullman AL Represent Clients in Petitions for Modification or Termination

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Lawyers

All 50 states have strict regulations regarding child support. Still, family court judges have some leeway in making rulings about how much parents are required to pay. Child Support Lawyers in Cullman AL may be necessary when a parent wants to petition the court for a modification. A mother or father may want to pay less because of reduced income. Another may believe the other parent should start paying more.

Change in Custody

If a noncustodial parent now wants to petition the court for shared custody, this is one possible way to legally terminate support payments. The two parents may agree about the change, or the one who has primary physical custody may want to block this effort. Child Support Lawyers in Cullman AL can represent either person in this type of legal matter.

Paternity Issues

Trusted Local Attorneys may be able to help a man end child support if a DNA test has shown he is not the father. A main consideration here is how long he has been paying support and whether he has a parental relationship with the child. Judges may order men to continue paying support in this type of situation if they have been acting as the father for several years, although this may seem unfair to the person who was duped. The family court is most interested in the welfare of the child.

Income Reduction

The parent currently paying child support may petition the court for a reduction if he or she has lost a job or will be laid off for an extended period. Judges often do not agree to these requests, however.

In Court

In court, the petitioner is heard first. In family court, the person on the other side of the issue is known as the respondent. After the respondent is heard, the petitioner can address that commentary. Witnesses also may be heard in family court to testify on the behalf of either parent. Although the court allows petitioners and respondents to represent themselves, a process known as pro se, it’s advisable for these individuals to have professional legal representation by a law firm such as O’Neal and Kilgo.