How to Get Out of Jail with the Help of a Bail Bond Attorney in Inverness

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Dealing with an arrest can be stressful for anyone. No one wants to be away from those they love and stuck in a jail cell for weeks or months. Unfortunately, bail amounts can sometimes be high and individuals do not always have the money to pay. When the bail amount is too high, it is important individuals are aware of the services of a Bail Bond Attorney in Inverness. Getting help from a bondsman allows individuals to get out of jail quickly.

Why Hire a Bondsman?

Hiring a Bail Bond Attorney in Inverness is one of the easiest ways to get out of jail as soon as possible. Although a person could put up their own bail amount, the price can sometimes rise into the thousands of dollars. When someone puts up cash to get out of jail, their money will be held for the duration of the trial process. The defendant’s family will likely also be carefully scrutinized to determine where the bail money came from.

When a bondsman is hired, the individual is able to pay a fee, which is only a portion of the required bail amount. The bondsmen fees are set by the state and are typically near ten percent. Many bondsmen do not require collateral and can offer financing for the fee, so that individuals can make easy monthly payments. This type of arrangement can take a lot of pressure off the shoulders of those needing to get family members bailed out of jail.

What Should Individuals Know?

Seeking the services of a bondsman is not difficult. The guarantor simply needs to provide information, fill out the paperwork, and make arrangements about the fee. In most cases, defendants can be gotten out of jail in a short amount of time.

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